We’ve reinvented therapy...
...so you can reinvent your life.

Social therapy is powerful. It’s a group therapy approach that has helped thousands of people transform their lives, and it can help you. Whether you’re in emotional pain, feeling depressed, or you simply want more in your life, a social therapy group is a place where you can begin to create the life you want to live.

Social therapy is:

We’re not traditional. We’ve discovered that re-igniting your ability to grow and develop with others is the cure! Social therapists are experts in leading groups that help people from all walks of life to grow continuously.

We live our lives in groups — families, friends, workplaces — but a lot of our pain is caused by feeling isolated or having difficulty in relating to the people in our lives. With your therapist’s support, you'll learn how to build relationships in your group and in your life that are more intimate and supportive.

We are the creators of our lives. That means we make a multitude of decisions every day — from simple to complex — about how we live. In social therapy, you’ll get help to look at your life anew, and grow in your ability to see possibilities and to create new ones.

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